This is who we are

Creative service professional that is experienced in the field of multimedia and e-learning development. Knowledge of modern graphic and web development production techniques (OOP actionscipt programming, CSS, HTML, XML, javascript) My work demonstrates methodologies such as maximizing use of cascading style sheets, non-destructive photo editing, independent resolution artwork, historical metadata, action scripting, cataloging, and archiving. Over 15 years of experience with 3D, and 2D graphic applications (Adobe Creative Suite CS4 Masters Collection, Autodesk 3DS Max). Modeling, animating, rendering and compositing for video, web and multimedia projects. Ability to solve problems in the design development environment through customization, streamlining, and optimization of production pipelines. Experience working in game development, advertising agencies, and web development teams. I am currently diving head first into HTML5 development technologies to produce HTML5, javascript, SCORM 2004 e-learning courseware.


Credits and additional samples of my work:

Moby Computer Game Credits

Online Portfolio Samples

This is what we do

  • Graphic Design
  • Print | Form Design
  • Animation | Visualization
  • E-Learning Authoring

This is why we do it

My philosopy is to make my clients job easier. Let me apply my talent and experience so they can focus on the meat and potatoes of their project. I want to elevate their ideas into reality. To take the concept closer to the end of a project deliverable.

Pixel Maestro

presidentThe owner and the main cog in the wheel. The Interns are known to constantly supply water and encouragement.

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Intern One

managerRenata, always near, in case you need some attention. The worst of the three Interns at delivering water.

Daughter One

staff1Constantly asking for drawing assistance, and training. Number one in filling water requests.

Son Two

staff2Very happy when there is and adequate supply of milk at the main office. Mr. Sweet Tooth